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The dream is yours...

but your fellow Wild Lilies got your back.

to Wild Lilies

Can't wait to have you join us!

The idea of Wild Lilies has been more than six years in the making, first as an idea that came as a flash one day and was written on a scrap of paper, then more formally in my journal and now here for the world to see.  Over time, it has continued to evolve but it really is fairly simple. Provide a community for women who have reached a certain stage in their lives and have started to ask the question  "What's next?"  Wild Lilies is here to provide tools to help you in your own journey and a community to support you on your path.  The Wild Lilies' path contains three main focus areas:  Dream, Imagine, Become.  Do these next things resonate with you?  Maybe you are an empty nester and you are ready to reach for that big promotion or maybe you have dreamed about starting an online business. Maybe you have always wanted to ride your bicycle cross country or learn how to speak a foreign language. Maybe it is to climb a mountain or run a 5k.  No matter what your goal might be, there are certain steps you can take to increase the likelihood of success.  The dream is yours, but your fellow Wild Lilies got your back. I can tell you one of my dreams was to complete a masters degree.  After a start and stop or two, I did it!  August of 2022, I received my Master of Science in Strategic Leadership and Organizational Design.  And I'm not done yet...I still kick around law school.  Whatever it is for you, don't let that dream die inside you.  You have all the time in the world...but start now!

Picture a field full of flowers. Each one strong in their own right but a true sight to behold as a group. The last few years have certainly been something we could not have imagined. And if no one could have imagined a pandemic, among other things, what dream do you have that you could not imagine bringing forward...until now. Twenty years from now, what scares you more?  Fear of failure or fear of regret? I know my answer...and Wild Lilies is my dream. Let's find yours!





Wild Lilies support the concept we are stronger together.  Imagine being able to harness the excitement any one person has for their dream and multiply it by thousands!  What could that mean for the world?


"From a little spark may burst a flame." - Dante Alighieri

For a good part of my life, I have been drawn to support others.  As natural as breathing for me.  To give that “atta girl” when no one else is listening.  To recognize the uniqueness in others when people don’t recognize it in themselves.  We all have at least one superpower.  I believe I have two.  First, to encourage and support others, with the ultimate goal of you taking a step in the direction of your dreams.  And, second, my ability to connect people. But this is far from being about me.  This is about the support you will find in this ambitious community of women.  Because make no mistake, your dreams matter.  Perhaps more than ever in our current environment.  We could all use a little magic and it ALWAYS starts with believing you can.  Until you get to that point, your family of Wild Lilies will believe enough for you. Now let's get started!

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When it comes to pursuing your dream, public enemy #1 is you.  Or more specifically, your negative self- talk.  We all do it, just in different ways and at different levels.  How long does it last and does it offer ANY beneficial feedback at all?  And most importantly, do you know how to shut that voice down and get back to the business at hand?

Wild Lilies talk about what works for them when fear and doubt come calling and make no mistake, they will.  We share best practices and lend a hand to our flower friends.

Can you answer the question of why this is important to you? Is your why strong enough to keep you motivated?  Because there certainly will be days when you wonder why you are on this quest.  When all is said and done, is it worth it?  This is when we will plant our feet, work on our mindset and move forward with determination.



So this is when we start to roll up our sleeves and my first suggestion to Wild Lilies everywhere is begin with the end in mind.  You have the dream, now how does it morph to a concrete goal?  Success with reaching any long-term goal won’t happen overnight.  It takes a plan.  Wild Lilies can help. 


As your goals begin to take shape, let's get serious about the acronym SMART, which is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based.  Hitting a goal requires structure and after twenty years in the corporate training field, I have found it is as good a framework as any. Get it on paper, whiteboard it, whatever you need to do to see the steps and flow of it.  Start to visualize it and allow your idea to begin to take shape and crystalize.  The world is counting on it so don't stop now!

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As you will come to notice, I am all about quotes and one of my favorites is “Leap and the net will appear.”  You can only do so much journaling and whiteboarding.  At some point you MUST TAKE ACTION, hence the leap.  I don’t think you leap with no plan in place at all and you can certainly help your cause when it comes to your net, but eventually, we all have to take our finger off the pause button and dive right in.  This is where your Wild Lilies family can help.  Your very own cheering section of raving fans who believe, dare I say KNOW, you have what it takes.  BTW, that doesn’t mean your first try at something will equal success, but that’s not what Wild Lilies cheer for, we cheer the efforts not the result.  Because, after all, most of what you learn about yourself and others comes all throughout your journey, not just the end game.

Ready to get started?  I hope so!  For now, take a moment and read through my blog posts and add your comments so your Wild Lilies sisters can read and learn too.  I’m just the facilitator for the conversation, the conductor if you will, you all bring the music.  And for additional things to consider in your journey, sign up for Wild Lilies Wisdom at the bottom of the page.  And Never Stop Blooming!

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Hi, I'm Dawn

A little about me.  Divorced mom to an awesome college junior.  Marketing director by day, obsessive reader by night, lover of travel, coffee and dogs, part-time workout warrior and in the midst of all of that, I knew I still had something to give.  One thing I want to mention is I am not a life coach.  Wild Lilies is not about any one person.  It is a support system first and a roadmap for success second.  I will serve as part-time ringleader, part-time cheerleader and full-time, your biggest fan.  With that said, I have more than twenty-five years of experience in motivating, training and collaborating in the corporate world with both internal and external stakeholders, so this is definitely a passion of mine.  It is my goal to have Wild Lilies serve as an incubator and safe haven for so many fantastic women who haven't been able to see their dreams come to fruition...until now.

Join us!

Wild Lilies

Strong Roots.  Growth in Progress.



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